NOTICE:   I have retired and am no longer available for consulting assignments.

Dana Advisory Services
Serving organizations, governments, and entities
where I can make a meaningful difference

— Dan Dana, PhD, the "Conflict Doctor"
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My formal education (PhD, Psychology) was completed in 1977. Much of my truly beneficial learning accrued thereafter. Below is a self-assessment of several competencies that lend value to my advisory services:

Conflict Prevention and Management
My career has been dedicated to the prevention and early resolution of conflict. Modesty aside, I am one of a small handful of pioneers in this field. My ability to analyze conflict scenarios, and to recommend strategic approaches to their effective management, is the competency that may constitute my greatest contribution as an organizational advisor.

Client-centered Consulting
I listen well. I ensure that I understand the problem before offering advice. I draw solutions from within the client, whether an individual or a group.

Internet Marketing
I built the most popular mediation training website in the world (#1 on Google every day since 1998), and developed the largest subscriber base of any email newsletter in the field of dispute resolution (over 75,000 subscribers).

Web-based Enterprise
I created and developed what is arguably the most successful independent mediation-related enterprise in the world (i.e., unaffiliated with a university, government, or other funding host).

Global Perspective
I have worked, traveled, or lived in over 70 countries since 1966. Often, my stays were as a guest of local citizens on the local economy. I have experienced daily life from the perspectives of people in a wide range of economic, social, and political conditions. I consider myself a global citizen.

I speak, read, and write Spanish imperfectly, but adequately for informal communications.

Group Support
I am a supporter, not a leader. I have no interest in being in charge of any group endeavor. Rather, I thrive on contributing to the success of groups and their leaders.

I have a knack with the written and spoken word.

Sarasota, Florida
E-mail: dan AT dandana DOT us