NOTICE:   I have retired and am no longer available for consulting assignments.

Dana Advisory Services
Serving organizations, governments, and entities
where I can make a meaningful difference

— Dan Dana, PhD, the "Conflict Doctor"
Dan Dana photo

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I offer services to entities and causes that are in alignment with my humanitarian and humanistic values. Financial compensation is often a secondary consideration.

Advisory Boards
Participating on boards of advisors of corporations, non-profits, and associations whose missions and values are congruent with mine.

Advisory Consulting
Advising individuals, companies, governments, and other entities in areas for which my competencies enable me to be helpful.

Political Consulting
Advising values-aligned candidates and organizations on political and Internet strategy.

Acting as an intermediary on behalf of a client to communicate with another party, or as an impartial mediator helping two or more parties reach a mutually acceptable course of future cooperative action.

Speaking at association meetings and other events on matters about which I am knowledgeable.

Special Assignments
Undertaking other engagements for which my competencies qualify me to assist. I welcome assignments that serve humanitarian values; I decline assignments of a solely commercial nature that, in my judgement, do not have a beneficial impact on humanity.

Contract Services
Drawing upon my extensive personal network of colleagues and associates worldwide, Dana Advisory Services is able to act as a conduit to deliver a wide range of ADR, HRD, and other services in cooperation with HRD200 Consulting Group, LLC.

Sarasota, Florida
E-mail: dan AT dandana DOT us