NOTICE:   I have retired and am no longer available for consulting assignments.

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— Dan Dana, PhD, the "Conflict Doctor"
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Internet entrepreneur

Founded the Mediation Training Institute International in 1985 and guided its development to being the world's most prominent provider of training and certification in managing and mediating workplace conflict. Retired December 31, 2013, as MTI became affiliated with the Center for Conflict Dynamics at Eckerd College, St Petersburg, Florida.

Founded the HRD200 Consulting Group in 2008, an entirely virtual "comprehensive outsource for organizational and human resource development"

Established the "Elect Mediators to Public Office" Project, seeking "better government through non-adversarial resolution of differences" by supporting the campaigns of political candidates who publicly advocate interest-based approaches to political conflicts.

Developed the Dana Trading System in 2013, a means of assisting late-career mediators, educators, academics, healthcare professionals, social service workers, scientists, social liberals, secular humanists, and other humanitarians achieve financial security

Author and thought-leader

Originator of Managerial Mediation (1979)

Developer of the Dana Measure of Financial Cost of Organizational Conflict, the first and most widely cited instrument of its kind, based on an article published in 1981.

Author of Managing Differences: How to Build Better Relationships at Work and Home (1988-2006), published worldwide in six languages

Author of Talk It Out: Four Steps to Managing People Problems in Your Organization (1996), HRD Press

Author of Conflict Resolution: Mediation Tools for Everyday Worklife (2001), featured book in McGraw-Hill's Bookcase Books series, published worldwide in many languages


Full-time professor of Organizational Behavior and Conflict Management, University of Hartford (Connecticut) Graduate School of Business, 1978-1985. Continued as Adjunct Professor until 2007.

Adjunct Professor of Conflict Management, Syracuse University, 1996-2001

Visiting lecturer at other institutions, including Middle Eastern Technical University (Ankara, Turkey), Bond University (Gold Coast, Australia), University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa), and Younsei University (Seoul, Korea)


Recipient of contract to establish one of the first Employee Assistance Programs in the United States Government, 1977-78, Washington, DC (Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, in office of Secretary Joseph Califano)

Workplace mediator, 1975 to 2013 (no longer in active practice)


PhD (Counseling Psychology), University of Missouri, 1977

Dissertation: Categorial Intergroup Bias in Natural Groups, a study of conflict in healthcare workplaces

Clinical internship specializing in systems-oriented marriage and family therapy

Intern with NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science (Bethel, Maine), 1972-75

Selected life experiences

Born 1945, reared on a family farm in northwest Missouri

Vietnam veteran (non-combat), 1966-68, returned as tourist in 2015

Woodstock Festival, August 1969; participant in the counter-culture, 1969-1973

Speaking tour in the USSR, June 1990 (shortly before the Soviet collapse); events organized by group who translated Managing Differences to Russian language; accompanied by 17-year-old daughter Susan.

Present in South Africa on the occasion of Nelson Mandela's first election as President, 1994

Democratic Party candidate for the United States House of Representatives, 1998, running the "first non-adversarial campaign in the history of American politics"; lost primary election to Congressman Dennis Moore (D-KS)

Conducted mediation training in Israel, October 2001, less than one month after the World Trade Center attack

Resides with wife Susan in Sarasota, Florida.

Father of one, grandfather of two.

Sarasota, Florida
E-mail: dan AT dandana DOT us